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    Welcome to my Galaxy - tutorial

    Hi there! sooooooooo, I promised you a new tutorial and here it is! Enjoy ☺

    Sleek - Ultra Mattes V2
    1 First, apply your eyeshadow base. You want your eyelook to stay on all day/night!

    2 Apply a dark blue (1) eyeshadow to the outer part of your eyes.

    3 Apply a blue-green-ish/teal (2) colored eyeshadow at the center of your eyelid.

    4 Now, apply a pretty dark green (3) eyeshadow to the inner part of your lid.

    5 Make sure the colors blend nicely. Next, blend out the dark blue eyeshadow upwards.

    6 Do the same with the green eyeshadow

    7 Repeattttt, also blend the green one!

    8/9 Now you have your eyeshadow beautifully blended, go grab a highlighter. Take a clean brush and apply the highlighter gently to the upper part of were your eyeshadow is. Apply your highlighter to the part above the fold your eyes make when they're open!

    10/11 So, i decided to to add a little bit of purple! Apply the purple (4) eyeshadow as shown. (I did realize it is a lot easier to do this step before applying the hightlighter :P)

    12/13/14 Apply highlighter to the purple bit you added and the inner corner of your eye.

    15 Curl those lashes and apply some mascara! For a more dramatic look, apply falsies.

    16 Take a white eye pencil and apply it to your waterline to brighten things up!

    17/18 Apply mascara to your lower eyelashes andddddddddd you're done :)

    On my lips I used the Catrice lipstick in 010 and the highlighter is also the one from my last post.
    This is a perfect look for the holidays, you can always use a different color combination matching or complementing your outfit. I will be posting more holiday looks, promise!

    xx, Go Vamp!

    2 reacties:

    1. Wauw wat een gave look! Ik ben blij dat ik je blog ontdekt heb want jouw tutorials kan ik zeker goed gebruiken. Eerlijk gezegd snap ik niet dat je nog niet zoveel volgers hebt. Ik volg je vanaf nu wel! xo

      1. Het is super om te lezen dat je wat aan mijn tutorials hebt ♥ ik heb nog heel wat ideeën dus de tutorials zullen zeker blijven komen! :)
        Dankjewel voor je lieve reactie!




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