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    Huge MUA Haul! - NEW IN

    Because MUA cosmetics has hit 35,000 likes on facebook a couple of weeks ago, they had a '35% off & FREE shipping' offer. MUA has a wide range of makeup product for amazing low prices. So, I went and placed a HUGE order. Here are my goodies!

    Lets start with the eleven lipsticks I ordered! First thing I noticed is that some lipsticks contain more product than others and that one of the packages is smaller than the other ones. Not a huge problem to me, knowing these are one pound lipsticks :). On to the swatchesssss...

    I didn't expect the pigmentation to be this good. They have great coverage, except for the light pink lipstick (shade #4), this one is a sheer liptint-ish lipstick. I don't think these are the most long lasting lipsticks ever, but they sure are great! Especially for it's price. I have been wearing them a lot lately and I really recommend them!

    No perfect lipstick-lips without a lip liner! I ordered all four shades. The pink ones are glittery and the red ones are matte. Honestly, I don't really know when I'll be using the light pink one! These lip liners are quite creamy, I prefer a more 'dry' lip liner but that's just a personal thing. And again, the pigmentation is really nice.

    Brows, Brows, Brows! This brow kit contains 3 shades and a fixing gel. Above swatches with and without the fixing gel. As you can see, the colors is way more visible when first applying the fixing gel and then applying the brow powder. I find this kit perfect for creating beautiful natural looking eyebrows!

    I ordered three of the five Love Hearts Lip Balms and I totally regret not buying all of them! The smell is simply amazing, it kind of reminds me of white chocolate. They feel nice and soft on the lips, I am definitely ordering the other two in the future!

    Here are the three 'Nail Constellations' I ordered. Above Gemini, bottom left Pisces an bottom right Libra. As you can tell, they're pretty pretty. I've already used Gemini but I forgot to take a picture (shame on me), so I will post one ASAP!

    And last but not least, I ordered ALL their eyeshadow palettes. I felt like a kid in a candy shop when unpacking all of these! Here some close ups :)

    Glamour Nights
    Heaven and Earth
    Pretty Pastels
    Starry Nights
    Dusk till Dawn
    Glamour Days
    The Artiste Collection
    Immaculate Collection
    Going for Gold
    I ordered their Bronzed Perfection but I received it in a thousand pieces, and I ordered two Kiss Proof Lip Stains but they were missing.. Currently I am e-mailing with MUA so I will keep you posted on how this wil be sorted out.

    Lots of love, Go Vamp!

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